About Us

Intro to IEC

Guangxi University has been implementing teaching Chinese as a foreign language for over 60 years, cultivating thousands of talented international students who are proficient in Chinese language and knowledgeable about China. The University has a long-standing reputation as a center of excellence for teaching Chinese to international students. The pass rate of HSK (the Chinese Language Proficiency Test) of our students has been ranked the first place in the region, and we normally occupy the top rank in various Chinese language competitions.

The International Education College has about 20 full-time and 10 part-time faculty members. Most faculty members have overseas teaching experience and have mastered at least one foreign language such as English, Vietnamese or Thai.  

The college now has one postgraduate program, MA of International Education of Chinese Language. Two undergraduate programs particularly designed for international students: BA of Chinese Language program, and BA of Economics (Chinese business culture).       

Our undergraduate programs include the four-year full-time courses designed for international students who are high school graduates and beginners in learning Chinese language. The Chinese Language program provides students an opportunity to study Chinese language, history, geography, philosophy, literature and culture. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Art after they complete required credit hours. The Economics program is designed for students who are willing to deepen their knowledge and understanding about economics, international trade as well as Chinese language, culture and philosophy. Students will be awarded the Bachelor Degree of Economics after they complete required credit hours. To apply for the master’s degree program which includes courses of Chinese language, history, culture, linguistics and pedagogy, applicants are required to provide certificates of bachelor degree and HSK level 4. Students will obtain a master’s degree after they complete required credit hours.  

In addition to the degree programs, long-term or short-term language programs are also available in the college. We provide pre-sessional language courses for international students who are going to study in other colleges for undergraduate or postgraduate study. Our faculties and staff members are highly committed and enthusiastic, delivering outstanding education and training experiences for the students.